InventureIT: Innovative Ventures in Information Technology

Innovative Ventures in Information Technology commonly known as InventureIT, is an innovative full-service software engineering and IT management firm dedicated to improving productivity, morale, and lives through technology. InventureIT provides on-site and remote services to customers across the southeast from its headquarters in Dalton and an office in Savannah. The company also sells software it developed for electronic case management, […]

Greater Rome Convention & Visitors Bureau: Inspiring visitor relationships via the web

The “Georgia’s Rome” website is the Greater Rome Convention & Visitors Bureau’s (GRCVB) principal means for promoting visits to Rome. “It’s our main inspiration tool,” said Kristi Kent, GRCVB’s communication director, “We push visitors there from social media, search engines, email, print and display advertising.” Rome and Floyd County have abundant visitor amenities—from Downtown Rome and […]

Catoosa Online Academy

This case shows how digital technology allows you to be much more flexible in order to efficiently serve diverse needs. Other important insights from the Catoosa Online Academy are the importance content knowledge, leadership support for technology use, aligning the technology use with organizational mission, and of being familiar with the technology before rolling it out customers. […]

Downtown Wi-Fi

In the early 2000s, major municipalities tried to deploy citywide Wi-Fi with limited success. Today, several northwest Georgia cities are successfully providing public Wi-Fi in their downtowns areas. This “best practice” article looks at how our communities succeeded where big cities didn’t—such as focus on particular areas—including why it might be good to have publicly accessible Wi-Fi, […]

Frameworks for digital strategies

What is a “digital strategy”? A digital strategy is a way to achieve organizational goals by using digital technology. It is a plan to move from the current state to a better, more desirable state based on digital technology. A digital strategy specifies changes in activities and assets, how those changes will be made, and how any […]