Digital Strategy Guide

The Digital Strategy Guide provides information and tools for creating digital strategies. The guide starts with important concepts about purposes, costs, and benefits, which are critical to an effective digital strategy. Along the way you’ll be asked questions that will generate basic information for your digital strategy. We’ll also provide you with worksheets to capture specific information.

The guide then summarizes the three general tactics for making the most of digital technology. It brings together several tools—SWOTs, the technology stack, and the value chain—as a framework for identifying specific tactics that are best suited to your purpose and situation. As you complete the worksheets, this guide will step you through using those tools to produce a digital strategy for your organization.

This guide was produced by Greg Laudeman, Ed.D., as part of the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission’s Digital Region 1 initiatives. We welcome your comments and questions! Share a comment, below, or email us at


  1. Introduction: What digital strategy is and why it matters
  2. Steps to a Digital Strategy
  3. Digital Economy Fundamentals
  4. Assessing your Digital Economy
  5. Digital Technology Trends
  6. The Keys to Digital Strategy
  7. The 3 Objectives of Digital Strategy
  8. Strategy Tools: SWOT, tech stack, and value chain