InventureIT: Innovative Ventures in Information Technology

Innovative Ventures in Information Technology commonly known as InventureIT, is an innovative full-service software engineering and IT management firm dedicated to improving productivity, morale, and lives through technology. InventureIT provides on-site and remote services to customers across the southeast from its headquarters in Dalton and an office in Savannah. The company also sells software it developed for electronic case management, health records management, and lift truck fleet management.

The managing partners at InventureIT – Stacey Roach, Lee McKinney, Jeremy Fletcher and Brent Newsome – got to know each other while working for several large manufacturing and IT companies. Individually they saw a huge void and need among businesses for IT expertise. With their varied knowledge and skill sets, they had the ingredients for a strong team.

As a team they had a shared desire to help companies and the believe that every company, no matter the size should have access to information technology resources to achieve the most in its business. This was also a tremendous business opportunity. Based on these insight InventureIT was created in 2007 to satisfy a growing need for information technology and software among entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses across the Southeast.

InventureIT has plans for continued strategic growth and is getting stronger every day with many new key hires teamed with their recent investment in a new facility in historic downtown Dalton, just blocks from many of the local landmarks that have powered the Carpet Capital of the World for decades.

Given the profusion of technology, it is no surprise that business leaders are challenged to understand it and how to make the most of it. No individual, especially those who are charged with growing and operating a company, can know all about technology or more importantly how to implement and capitalize to make all of their processes better. If a company hires a so-called “tech guru”, they then have to bridge the gap between that guru and their end users.

It all boils down to timely, accurate data capture, storage, retrieval, understandable communication, translation and executing the plan of action. InventureIT takes all of this off of the company owners’ plate so they can focus on what they do best, running their business.

Deep, broad expertise and collective knowledge enables InventureIT to protect their customers from head spinning, untested technologies. As new technologies become available, InventureIT’s specialists research, evaluate and test ideas thoroughly to make sure it works and is beneficial before implementing to their customers. InventureITs’ team rapidly identifies and avoids the “rabbit trails” that lead other companies waste time and money on technology “solutions” that don’t work.

Custom Developed Software Solutions

  • Complete.MD – electronic health records and practice management software
  • Lift Truck Master – fleet management software that can greatly increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs
  • eCaseNotes – case management software that includes referrals and reporting that makes it easier to fulfill Georgia Department of Family and Children Services contractual obligations