SAI Digital: Northwest Georgia’s Idea Factory

SAI (pronounced “sigh”) Digital in Rome, Georgia, is much more than a web company. The company is an idea factory for customers’ to transform their business operations. Originally founded by CEO Tricia Steele as a digital agency, SAI Digital has evolved into a boutique software development firm with inbound marketing expertise. The company finds its customers’ issues and pain points and builds solutions to those problems. SAI Digital identifies what needs to be done and figures out a way to do it, rather than being limited by traditional business definitions.

SAI Digital takes its work beyond just a website. The goal is to create tools that empower a business. For some customers, that may mean a content management system for attracting and educating customers with dynamic content and lead generation tools.  For many other customers, the right solution is a business web application used across various departments to manage information and processes. Examples of SAI Digital work include the StudentManager portal for credentialing medical students, evaluation software for conducting employee review process, the Harbin Clinic mobile application (in Apple and Android stores), SafetyManager tablet and web application for conducting and managing industrial inspections, as well as more than 80 websites for organizations of all sizes.

Many business leaders don’t think there’s an alternative to licensing expensive yet too often ineffective enterprise software. But some are beginning to realize they can now build custom web-based software in ways that would have been very expensive just a few years ago. Recent developments in web application development tools make it possible for businesses to take control of their own destiny and develop their own digital assets that differentiate them from their competitors. In any place where a company is repeating a process with paperwork is a place that can be made more effective with software – reducing chance for error and freeing the humans to do more meaningful work.

The SAI Digital team has extensive design and development capabilities.
The SAI Digital team has extensive design and development capabilities.

SAI Digital has five full-time people and works with multiple contractors that it can bring in as needed. It relies mostly on the Ruby on Rails open stack framework for building web applications, Angular for mobile applications, WordPress for content management, and HubSpot for inbound marketing planning and analysis.

The company utilizes the agile development methodology, building software tools in short, results-oriented iterations.  The company maintains a very collaborative environment. Essentially, SAI Digital is people working together to make things succeed. This approach and structure makes SAI Digital very flexible. The company can scale up or down to provide custom solutions a realistic price-point. Consequently, SAI Digital is able to serve a very diverse customer base, with some really big customers but also many small businesses.

The ideal for SAI Digital is to be an extension of its customers marketing and IT divisions, empowering greater integration between internal systems and external web assets, driving organizational goals with technology.

SAI Digital is firmly committed to the growth of the northwest Georgia region and incubated the Makervillage organization to contribute to the growth of creative culture and coding skills.  SAI Digital aims to become a long-term company, providing employment options for the best thinkers and problem solvers in the region for decades to come.  For more information about SAI Digital, visit