What is DR1?

The Northwest Georgia Regional Commission, with support from the Georgia Technology Authority, has developed the Digital Region 1 (DR1) plan to grow business, recruit and retain industry, and support local institutions with technology. Digital technology can be powerful means to grow incomes, improve products and services, and increase competitiveness. The strategic focus of DR1 is top-line growth via investments in software and workforce that capitalize on and foster additional investments in hardware and infrastructure. The goals of DR1 are to:

  • Increase the benefits of and reduce the costs of using digital technologies
  • Address common issues, needs, opportunities, problems, etc., across sectors:
    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Local government
    • Manufacturing
    • Tourism
    • Small business
  • Share best practices and other knowledge to increase use of, investment in, and benefits from technology

The DR1 plan is a starting point for that process, focused on northwest Georgia’s economic drivers and supporting institutions.Our research shows that northwest Georgia has generally very good digital infrastructure. Leading organizations in all sectors we examined—especially manufacturing—have invested in hardware. Now we need to invest in digital skills and software. Improvements in basic industries, particularly advanced manufacturing, will be catalysts for digital development by other sectors. DR1 is a blueprint for doing more with hardware and infrastructure by investing in software and workforce. As an economic development plan, DR1 must have measurable impacts on productivity and prosperity. For all sectors and the entire regional economy, the objectives of the plan are to increase:

  • Technology investment and use by organizations
  • The number and sizes of the region’s technology companies
  • The number of technology jobs and occupations
  • Income & wages via digital leadership and workforce skills

Digital Economy Plan